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Acupressure Foot Mat

Acupressure Foot Mat

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Helps stimulate blood circulation and revitalize your body Portable and lightweight, take it with you anywhere Versatile, use in your kitchen, bathroom, living room, office Affordable, one mat provides countless hours of relief whenever you need it.

Relaxes aches and eases tired muscles Perfect For: Some favorite places people use their mat --in the kitchen while washing dishes, bathroom while brushing their teeth, living room and under the desk at the office Directions: Place the non-slip mat on a hard floor surface, not carpet, for maximum effectiveness Wear thin socks to reduce sensitivity upon first use.

Begin by standing on the mat for 5 - 10 seconds per day Gently shift your weight from foot to foot to stimulate different pressure points After 2-3 weeks, try standing in bare feet to increase the intensity of the massage Alternate standing on one foot and then the other to increase the pressure Work up to 10 - 15 minutes per day for maximum benefits. Use morning and evening as desired.

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